“I decided to use Diane’s services because I was looking for some support in different aspects of my life and to be honest, I was really intrigued about the auragraph

I did put a lot of careful thought into my decision to work with Diane and I don’t regret it one little bit.

Through the auragraph Diane was able to tap into my situations past and present and give me some clear direction on where I needed to make changes and what was working well

Diane’s approach is totally unique to anything I have experienced before and I would (and have) recommend her to anyone looking for answers in any area of their life”

Lyndsey Burton

The Spiritual Lifestyle & Business Coach


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“I was apprehensive to start with when Diane said she had my picture and reading ready. Well I had to read it 3 times to make sure it said what I thought it said. Words just kept jumping out of the paper. The picture itself is like a snap shot of my life. Pain, but also light. Fish swimming away but light at end of the tunnel.
Thank you so much Diane Pahlke this will bring me so much comfort in the middle of my transformation. The butterflies just to prove it!!”


“Would highly recommend Diane , she gave me a reading that was insightful and motivational and a beautiful drawing  that really gave me comfort and touched my soul on a very deep level. My reading was insightful and poetic and gave me so much and was truthful to what was happening within my life at that point and gave me some confirmation to me in a situation I was facing  also giving me confidence and a way forward to face it . I felt comforted and felt healing after my reading and would definitely have another reading from Diane . My picture has a place in my room where when I see it makes me smile and if I am having a bad day it reminds me of my reading and gives me the strength to face any situation I may be dealing with .”

Cheryl Degg