Diane Pahlke, Creative Spiritual Coach and Holistic Therapist

about_boxBorn in a small market town in England in 1959, I grew up unspectacularly in a nice village with a loving family and really not much idea of who or what I wanted to be in life.

I can remember as a child being fascinated by the idea of a world beyond that which we know and experience day to day – a fascination which never left me but from which I became distracted through the normal stations of life: school and exams; job and career; marriage and children and in my case between marriage and children came a move from England to Germany which brought with it the added distraction of learning a new and different lifestyle, culture and language.

As I started to consider, between bringing up three children and working for my husband, some of the twists and turns my life had taken over the years and what the “hand of fate” had dealt me at times, I began to ask the question why?? Why did this or that happen to me? Was it my fault? Was it the fault of others? Why do I have this or that particular problem? Why do I have back problems or migraine? And why do friends or other members of the family not have these issues but maybe totally different issues? What decides or influences the hand of cards we are dealt?

Through questions such as these, and many more along the way, I became more and more aware of the detective in me that just wasn’t satisfied with the “that’s life” or ” that’s fate” philosophy. I wanted answers and solutions. I wasn’t prepared to simply accept and make do!

My inquisitiveness, my need to know more and my “there must be more to it…” attitude instilled in me an ever increasing need to discover what could be behind…whatever in life…a physical symptom, a psychological or emotional issue, and it is this detective in me that has led me on a colourful and varied path of discovery. A path taking me through a landscape of many different holistic therapies and remedies, systemic constellations, the law of attraction, meditation, angels, spiritual healing, psychic development, spirit art and mediumship to name but a few and a path towards finding ME! Towards finding my authentic self, finding my light within, finding the essence of mySELF and discovering the divine and infinite energy source within and around us all. Towards the fact that we each create our own reality and that those things we seek outside of ourselves we have already within us.

On my road of discovery I also found my personal reason for being – my vision, my mission:

A heart motivated, soul inspired concept to help those looking for their purpose, their inner light and a way out of discontentment, disappointment and disharmony into a life of joy and peace, happiness and health!